Thursday, February 23, 2017

Possible Post-Modernist Garbage

"Upon a Second Look"
Next in the 8x10 series.

I was going to name this piece "Post-Modernist Garbage." But upon a second look, it looks like the image could depict the view of a cloudy mountain over the top of a dark, grassy hill.  Otherwise, it's post-modern trash.  

I bet I could mass produce these and sell them for $10 each on the street in NYC.


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Shema Humata: Tass Sheshco

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Scorpius and Chatte Rouge

My latest piece in the 11x7 canvas acrylic series.

Below is a previous piece in the series I forgot to upload.
"Chatte Rouge"

Monday, February 20, 2017

How to Properly Jaywalk

One does not simply jaywalk.  When it comes to committing an infraction, you must take into consideration your location. 

You do not jaywalk in a place such a NYC.  One, you will have a heavier penalty if you jaywalk in such a place, and two, it’s much more dangerous.  That’s why you receive a higher penalty.

In a small town, up to somewhere the size of a medium sized city, jaywalking can be undertaken. 

Before I say how to jaywalk properly, everyone should already know how to cross the street.  If you don’t look both ways, stop reading this blog.  You don’t belong here.

To properly cross the street at a non-crosswalk, you cannot look like you are waiting to cross the street.  Yes, you must get close to the edge and wait for an opening.  But, should an officer of the law be in a close proximity to catch you in the act, you don’t want to blatantly appear to be waiting to cross. 

Find a pole, tree, or what-have-you, and take a lean.  Put your hand in your pocket, look at the clouds, whistle.  All the while, you are waiting for your opportunity. 

Do be sure that your last look before going isn’t a double take for the Man.  It’s better to have been caught safely jaywalking than to be caught being smoked by a Mazda.

Check for cops, find your opening, fly like a jaybird.

Have I ever been given a citation for jaywalking? No. Have I ever spoken to anyone who’s been given a citation for jaywalking? No.  How do I know that the crime of jaywalking isn’t a myth?  How can I be sure?  Without anecdotal evidence, my doubt lingers…

Please jaywalk properly.

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Shema Humata: Tass Sheshco

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Reservoir Dogs- A Brief Film Review

Reservoir Dogs was a film released in 1992.  It was the break out film of director Quentin Tarantino.  

It is easy to see why this film gained a lot of critical acclaim.  The cinematography and the story telling are spot on, as well as the writing.

Tarantino uses a similar style of story telling as he does in his follow up film, Pulp Fiction.  The main forward progression is broken up by flashbacks to earlier events, each flashback focusing around a specific character.  The story centers on a diamond heist that went wrong and the survivors' attempt to smoke out a rat.

Tarantino lacks no blood to be spilled.  He starts off his career with plenty of splatter.  In comparison with later films, I find Dogs to have a less equal balance of brutality to comic relief.  

It's a much watch for an under-versed Tarantino fan.  Not watching Reservoir Dogs would be like a Wes Anderson fan not having seen Bottle Rocket.  

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Shema Humata: Tass Sheshco

Thursday, February 16, 2017

S1:E21 Au Parc Zoologique

"Zytroft" Season 1: Episode 21 is here!

I made a trip to the Salisbury Zoological Park on Monday.   This is what came of it.  It's a nature documentary of sorts, a zoological video with a Poe-ian twist.


Monday, February 13, 2017

A Eukaryotic Post

Yesterday I recorded my second podcast and it sucked.  I was the lamprey on the rotten limb of bad podcasts.  Will you get to hear it?  Can your dog appreciate the supposed nutritional superiority of Nutrina dog food? No.

So what are Dinoflagellates?

This is an eukaryotic organism.  It moves about via flagellum locomotion.  It is terrible apparently.

That's about all I have on dinoflagellates.  You can tell a lot from a name.

You could say I recorded a dinopodcast.


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Shema Humata: Tass Sheshco

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Report of the Beige Interview Wizard, Woo!

"Zytroft" Season 1: Episode 20: Report of the Beige Interview Wizard, Woo!

This I made this video as a parody of and homage to some of my favorite youtubers.  Bet you can't guess who they are?

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Shema Humata: Tass Sheshco

Dear Gavrilo

Franz Ferdinand, Archduke and heir to the throne of the Austro-Hungarian Empire was assassinated by Gavrilo Princip, a Serbian Nationalist, on 28 June 1914, in the city of Sarajevo.  This murder by the young member of the Black Hand, was the spark that ignited the chain reaction of war in an allegiance entangled Europe.  Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia.  In an act to defend their slavic brothers, Russia declared war on Austria-Hungary.  Germany promised to defend her partially Germanic ally and declared war on Russia.  Germany then invaded France via Belgium, bypassing French defenses.  England threw in her weight with the French.  Look Folks, we've got a world war.

Silly Gavrilo got hungry during all the terrorism in Sarajevo that day and went to a sandwich shop to get a bite.  It just so happened that his Black Hand buddies were effective in their use of thrown explosives and diverted the Archduke's car from the planned parade route.  His driver cut down a side street that took him right to, you guested it, the sandwich shop.  This was entirely coincidental.   Princip was in the wrong place at the right time, and fired his pistol into the car, killing both the Archduke and his wife.

"Good job kid," said the fellow Serbian nationalist.
"Uhh, yeah, I totes knew he'd be coming this way. Legit."
"Lit AF."

If the Archduke had not been killed that day in Sarajevo, it wouldn't really have mattered.  Gavrilo's stomach simply happened to be the spark that set off the Great War.  But had if it had not been him, perhaps it would have been a German anarchist in London, or a Russian ship off of East Prussia, or an Italian papist.  Who knows.

What makes the assassination significant was it's position as trigger in the Rube Goldberg machine of early 20th century Europe.  The ball at the top of the ramp was the European power's entangling alliances, their untapped industrialism in term of war output, and modern weapons.  Also, it had been nearly a century since a large scale war had taken place on the European continent.  The peoples were ready to march off to victory.

And so, Gavrilo and Franzy were the paper airplane to be tossed into the ball.  Had the encounter in Sarajevo not been the trigger, another encounter or event would have been.

You get credit kid, but it could've been anybody.


Next week, we talk about Dinoflagellates.


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Shema Humata: Tass Sheshco

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Stop Waiting and Start Creating

When life is stagnant and you feel nothing is happening, you feel restless.  You want something to happen, you want that new video or new article to be posted.  Maybe you're waiting for time to pass before a big event or life change.

During these times it's easy to get preoccupied with things that only time can bring, and so the restless preoccupation can stagnate productivity.

When you find yourself here, you should stop waiting and start creating!

You are allowed to keep the pending things on your mind, but don't dwell on them.  Get up and move.  Get a burst of creativity and make use of it.  Write, draw, paint, read, make a video, do things you've been procrastinating, exercise, talk to some one, do something constructive!

Getting busy will make you feel productive.  It will take your mind off the things that can't come soon enough.  You will feel good about doing something, and also it will tire you out.  When you're exhausted from reading about Peter the Great, cleaning your gunky antique rifle, and discussing botany with your long lost cousin, you won't have time to wait.

Stop floating on the lazy river and go get in the wave pool.  After the park closes, you can go home.  Tomorrow, you can go to the beach and ride the big waves!

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Monday, February 6, 2017

Mini Art Rant

Why do I enjoy post-modernist art?  Because it’s stupid.  That’s what makes it funny.  You aren’t supposed to take pm art seriously.  I look at it as a big joke.  The strange juxtapositions and lack of creative simply makes fun of itself. 

Those who look at pm art in a serious manner and then try to draw real, deep meaning from it are 1) trying too hard, and 2) likely morally bankrupt.  When you have to look for meaning in a canvas splattered in paint, you clearly are empty inside.  And it’s not their faults.   

Moral relativism has turned people into nihilistic hedonists, annoying those who like to think for themselves with “cynical laziness”.*  Deconstructionism has destroyed true beauty in art. 

1:30am art rant. Done. 

*Not my quote, but the best way to put it.

Also, reread this in an annoyed British accent if you’d like to get the full effect.  I tend to think in a British accent while writing.  Strange, I know.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Two Ditties

Two wee ditties that originate from my Irish great grand father, whom I never met.

1. Way out west on the wild marine, the wild cat sat on the sewing machine.  The sewing machine sewed so fast, it sewed 48 stitches on the wild cat's tail.

2.  A peanut sat on the railroad tracks, his heart was all a-flutter.  Along came the afternoon 409, toot toot, peanut butter.

Typically after each saying, a small bit scatting is done.