Monday, August 14, 2017

The Power of Mental Override

Recently, I have experienced the power of mental override to physical obstacles.  The two examples that bring me to my conclusion of this ability are as follows.

In May I began working a new day job.  When I left work for the day, it was rather warm out.  Some early summer temperatures.  When I got in my car it was oven-like, but not intolerable by standard human.

For most of my life, I have found that I was very quite intolerant to the summer heat.  Any jobs involving hot kitchens or working outside in warm weather I immediately cross off the list as possible modes of employment.  I do this from past experiences.  

Well that day when I got into my car, I stopped myself before turning on the air conditioning.  I relaxed myself, focused on tolerating the heat, and just told myself the following things:  This is comfortable.  This feels good.  I like the heat.  I prefer the heat.  This is enjoyable. Etc.

Since then, I have enjoyed a very comfortable and non-heat-inhibitive summertime.  I was from that point able to embrace the heat and feel comfortable in it.  

The second example is from today actually.  Before today I have been very on and off about exercise.  I try to keep to a simple daily exercise regimen, but it typically goes weeks on, months off, weeks on, etc.

Well, in the week before an upcoming convention, I decided to take back up this regimen until at least then.  And so, typically I do maybe three sets of 20-30 push ups as one of my exercises.  Today I took the mental override approach and applied the same type of self talk as before.  I told myself before, during, and after pushups that:  I love push ups.  Push ups are the greatest.  They feel amazing.  There is nothing I'd rather be doing.  Push ups are my favorite.  Etc.

Today I cranked out a total of 100 push ups over a few sets.  

In light of this, I am now going to apply this mental override in other things I may be lazy or anxious about.  I would recommend that everyone try this technique of overcoming whatever.  It's worth a try and will possible overhaul you willpower.

Bon Chance!

Friday, July 21, 2017


Life has been very busy since March and I know I haven't been blogging much lately.

I do like to keep you all updated and I plan to post more in the future.  But in the mean time, if you want to keep up with what I'm up to, follow me on twitter @zyroftef and youtube @zytroft

Stay fancy everyone.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

"Sunset Republic" NYS:6

Sunset Republic was an idea I had for over a year.  I came up with the story in 2015.  Then I shelved it.  As I sat at film school struggling to write a half conceived musical, SR popped back into my memory and I knew it would be my thesis film.

Many different things inspired me to come up with this story, but the main two were:
This YouTube Channel and This Event

SR was a lot of fun to write and direct.  The experiences and knowledge gained in New York certainly has confirmed me in my desire for filmmaking.

Please enjoy the Sixth and Final installment to the "New York Stint" series!
I am proud to present, Sunset Republic!