Sunday, February 11, 2018

The Mysterious Rum Cannonball

"They had a bartender here, Keno; he made the best rum cannonball I ever tasted."
-Steve Zissou, Life Aquatic

It has never been revealed what the recipe for a "rum cannonball" was.  I always thought of it as something with cinnamon zing to it.  Something "Fireball"-esque but not as hot.  Cinnamon rum with maybe a citrus twist to it.  Perhaps orange.

These are the passing details that Wes Anderson throws into his movies that help world build.  They have little to no impact on the plot but add an extra lay to worlds often made with heavy artifice.  Details such as the rum cannonball make you think about what the drink might taste like, or who Keno was, instead of a fictional world's plausibility.

I recently found some fan takes on the rum cannonball and maybe you will want to try them yourselves.  I am going to concoct my own version, one like what I imagined above.  I will share my recipe and review in another post.  In the mean time, check out these fan recipes here:

4 recipes

another one

Watch the clip too.



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