Sunday, January 21, 2018


This song I made a while ago stands as my favorite of everything I've released on soundcloud.  It's dark and dystopic.  It feels like it's at a higher level than anything from the Batoid album. Sarajevo fits into my yet unfinished Lost Taco album.  The music video is coming soon.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

The Dirigible of Ocean City: A Screenplay

Up above is the working title for my screenplay in progress, I'm happy to announce.  This is a story that's long been in development.  The initial ideaspark (oh right, I am going to begin coining german-like compound words) was in the summer of 2016.

The initial idea came about after I'd asked out two girls from work in the same day.  At the same time I was considering entering some artwork into a show in Ocean City, MD.  When I was thinking about what I'd like to paint, I pictured a dirigible flying over a stormy inlet in OC.  From there I came up with a basic story about an artist-turned-pilot who was caught in a love triangle leading up to his big launch.  I only dated one, by the way.

Anyway, life got busy and other story ideas came along.  The story got shelved along the way.  I also went to film school.  While there I learned I could, in fact, outline and write a well developed story in screenplay form.  And so, wanting to get a movie in the works, post-filmschool, this one re-emerged.

I will be posting as I go to update my progress.  You can follow along in the creative process and see the story take shape in front of your own eyes.  I will post excerpts, outlines (maybe, don't want to give spoilers), and whatever else I think is interesting along the way.

Anything found interesting feel free to share.  I don't think it needs to be said that you can freely share posts from a public blog.  I'm just saying because it's appreciated.

So, for an update so far, I have made a preliminary outline, one that still has plenty of development to go.  The story itself is fairly set.  I've got the main characters, major plot points, and settings set.  I've got a list of influences and inspirations down.  The details and other elements I will go over in my next post.

I am certainly excited to dive into this process.  I hope you will find it interesting and as exciting as I do.  If not, just wait until the movie comes out, or until the finished project is written.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Launch the CABRs!

A small collection of sticky doodle art.  Work gets slow in January so this is a compulsive anti-boredom response (CABR).


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Five for the price on this posty. Gotchu guys a deal.

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