Monday, August 14, 2017

The Power of Mental Override

Recently, I have experienced the power of mental override to physical obstacles.  The two examples that bring me to my conclusion of this ability are as follows.

In May I began working a new day job.  When I left work for the day, it was rather warm out.  Some early summer temperatures.  When I got in my car it was oven-like, but not intolerable by standard human.

For most of my life, I have found that I was very quite intolerant to the summer heat.  Any jobs involving hot kitchens or working outside in warm weather I immediately cross off the list as possible modes of employment.  I do this from past experiences.  

Well that day when I got into my car, I stopped myself before turning on the air conditioning.  I relaxed myself, focused on tolerating the heat, and just told myself the following things:  This is comfortable.  This feels good.  I like the heat.  I prefer the heat.  This is enjoyable. Etc.

Since then, I have enjoyed a very comfortable and non-heat-inhibitive summertime.  I was from that point able to embrace the heat and feel comfortable in it.  

The second example is from today actually.  Before today I have been very on and off about exercise.  I try to keep to a simple daily exercise regimen, but it typically goes weeks on, months off, weeks on, etc.

Well, in the week before an upcoming convention, I decided to take back up this regimen until at least then.  And so, typically I do maybe three sets of 20-30 push ups as one of my exercises.  Today I took the mental override approach and applied the same type of self talk as before.  I told myself before, during, and after pushups that:  I love push ups.  Push ups are the greatest.  They feel amazing.  There is nothing I'd rather be doing.  Push ups are my favorite.  Etc.

Today I cranked out a total of 100 push ups over a few sets.  

In light of this, I am now going to apply this mental override in other things I may be lazy or anxious about.  I would recommend that everyone try this technique of overcoming whatever.  It's worth a try and will possible overhaul you willpower.

Bon Chance!

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