Thursday, March 9, 2017

Baby Back Bull-Scheisse: Director's Cut

I made a director's cut version of the first 1017 films first video, Baby Back Bull-Scheisse.  There are two reasons why I did this. First, I wanted revel in a little 1017 nostalgia.  Secondly and the reason why I'm reveling: My collaborative partners and I at 1017 films have decided to retire the name and rebrand it.

A new name for the film company has not yet been decided on, but I can say when it will take effect.  "Zytroft" season one will be wrapping up with the episode 25 season finale.  After the release of the finale, 1017 Films will begin its transition into the new brand.  

Why are we changing the name?  Names have their time and place, but brands need to change from time to time.  I've always wanted to update or alter it eventually.  When Jay and I founded it, the name was rather spontaneous.  Also, it was 10:17pm at the time.  Another reason is that there's a record company with the 1017 name and we don't want the name to get confused.  It's better to come off as original.  

And so, as the retirement of the 1017 brand draws near, please enjoy the Director's Cut of Baby Back Bull-Scheisse!

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