Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Stop Waiting and Start Creating

When life is stagnant and you feel nothing is happening, you feel restless.  You want something to happen, you want that new video or new article to be posted.  Maybe you're waiting for time to pass before a big event or life change.

During these times it's easy to get preoccupied with things that only time can bring, and so the restless preoccupation can stagnate productivity.

When you find yourself here, you should stop waiting and start creating!

You are allowed to keep the pending things on your mind, but don't dwell on them.  Get up and move.  Get a burst of creativity and make use of it.  Write, draw, paint, read, make a video, do things you've been procrastinating, exercise, talk to some one, do something constructive!

Getting busy will make you feel productive.  It will take your mind off the things that can't come soon enough.  You will feel good about doing something, and also it will tire you out.  When you're exhausted from reading about Peter the Great, cleaning your gunky antique rifle, and discussing botany with your long lost cousin, you won't have time to wait.

Stop floating on the lazy river and go get in the wave pool.  After the park closes, you can go home.  Tomorrow, you can go to the beach and ride the big waves!

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