Saturday, February 18, 2017

Reservoir Dogs- A Brief Film Review

Reservoir Dogs was a film released in 1992.  It was the break out film of director Quentin Tarantino.  

It is easy to see why this film gained a lot of critical acclaim.  The cinematography and the story telling are spot on, as well as the writing.

Tarantino uses a similar style of story telling as he does in his follow up film, Pulp Fiction.  The main forward progression is broken up by flashbacks to earlier events, each flashback focusing around a specific character.  The story centers on a diamond heist that went wrong and the survivors' attempt to smoke out a rat.

Tarantino lacks no blood to be spilled.  He starts off his career with plenty of splatter.  In comparison with later films, I find Dogs to have a less equal balance of brutality to comic relief.  

It's a much watch for an under-versed Tarantino fan.  Not watching Reservoir Dogs would be like a Wes Anderson fan not having seen Bottle Rocket.  

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