Monday, February 6, 2017

Mini Art Rant

Why do I enjoy post-modernist art?  Because it’s stupid.  That’s what makes it funny.  You aren’t supposed to take pm art seriously.  I look at it as a big joke.  The strange juxtapositions and lack of creative simply makes fun of itself. 

Those who look at pm art in a serious manner and then try to draw real, deep meaning from it are 1) trying too hard, and 2) likely morally bankrupt.  When you have to look for meaning in a canvas splattered in paint, you clearly are empty inside.  And it’s not their faults.   

Moral relativism has turned people into nihilistic hedonists, annoying those who like to think for themselves with “cynical laziness”.*  Deconstructionism has destroyed true beauty in art. 

1:30am art rant. Done. 

*Not my quote, but the best way to put it.

Also, reread this in an annoyed British accent if you’d like to get the full effect.  I tend to think in a British accent while writing.  Strange, I know.

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