Monday, January 9, 2017

Song Review: Looking Like This by Lyre le Temps

I was recommended this song by a new friend and coworker.  I don't know what the song is about.  I did not search up the lyrics because I wasn't feeeeling the song quite enough to check the exact lyrics.  But, I very much appreciated the jazzy nature and influences of the song.  It keeps to an eight count danceability in the main refrain.  I noticed the underlying Benny Goodman-esque clarinet, and liked it.

The aspects of the song I cared less for were the rapping nature of the verses.  This is simply a matter of personal taste.  I believe this song is of the electro-swing variety, if I remembered correctly from the recommendation.  Upon further research on the genre, I'd suppose this song does fall under that category.  In my humble musical opinion though, Looking Like This resembles more of a splicing together of bits and pieces of jazzy composition and entirely modern hiphoppy bits.  Perhaps this is just another example of personal taste since I would tend to approach a song like this expecting stronger jazz elements.  I come from the classics and also classic rock.  So perhaps if this song hand rock influences as opposed to hip hop, it'd be more preferable to my taste.

But, I think all around it's an upbeat and all around catchy tune.  It combines some hoppin' jazz elements with a modern sound that can easily grab a modern listener's ear.  I give this song a 6.4 out of ten of the new scale of Zytroftian musicality.  To understand what 6.4 means is to simply interpret 6.4 as whatever you'd like, since Looking Like This is the innagural rating on this scale.

Below, I've included a playlist of some more electro swing tunes for your listening pleasure.  Do exclude the first on the playlist, Sing Sing Sing by The Benny Goodman Orchestra, as electro swing.  Nonetheless, it's an uberclassik and favorite.  Do give it a listen!

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