Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Screenshot of the Week

I've been watching some Report of the Week videos (excellent channel, I recommend) and in today's video an image tickled me.  I paused and grabbed this screenshot:
Anyone familiar with this channel knows how mild mannered and reserved the host (Report of the Week/ReviewBrah/John) is.  When he makes faces like this, it's like him breaking character, even though he isn't acting.  

When I first began watching the channel, my initial thought was "this guy is the greatest actor on Earth."  But after further views and a little research, the man on the screen is a genuine portrayal.  Which, makes this channel even more original.  I initially began watching these videos waiting for the joke at the end.  But there is none.  What makes this channel entertaining beyond the well articulated reviews, is possibly what I think makes Wes Anderson films entertaining.  The host of Report of the Week's dry and sarcastic humor is completely non-self-referential.  Wes' quirky and unique characters portray true emotions in real situations, and their strangeness doesn't detract from the performance.  

Another important aspect about Anderson's films, that relate to Report of the Week, is that Wes' films take place within an artificial world, but the character's realistic emotions make the world believable. The viewer is able to immerse themselves in a made up world and not feel out of place.  

Report of the Week does the same sort of thing.  The host wears many elaborate suits, many of past age and all create a juxtaposition with the commercial and consumer back drops of fast food establishments.  His demeanor is like that of a old-time news reporter, and accent close to that of James Altucher.  His whole being is that of percieved artifice, at the same time reviewing items of delicacy that also could be considered artificial creations.  Fast food is far from that of traditional cuisine.  

These are the things that stand out immediately when beginning at Report of the Week, just as Wes Anderson's eccentricities stand out when you see his films for the first to fifthish times.  But once you get to know ReviewBrah (as he's known by his fans) all his peculiarities fade to the background, and the first thing you notice is the person you've grown to know.  After watching Rushmore ten times, each viewing afterwards you immediately are tuned into Max Fischer's emotions and words.  You aren't as focused his exterior.  The VORW podcasts give more inside to the life of the Report of the Week.

Report of the Week does a week shortwave radio show on Thursday nights.  I wouldn't know how to start telling you how to hear that.  Online I know is one way and also you can review it on some hertz level via shortwave radio.

Anyway, this article came a long way from a humorous screen shot but I think we covered some good ground here.  Be sure to check out Report of the Week, you may dig it!

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