Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Flea Market and Mindset

Please pardon the pause is posts.  I have now returned from my sabbatical, ready to produce more great content for the Festival of Ideas.

What have I been up to? Well, since you asked, I've been away on business doing my usual coffeeslinging but also taking up some entrepreneurial ventures.  Despite this being the most basic form, it's an important step towards professional level entrepreneurial-ship: The Flea Market.

Selling odds and ends isn't the most lucrative business, but for what its worth, my first day running the BithMart was successful.  I turned a nice profit and got a feeling for selling my own merchandise, setting my own prices, and haggling.

What's really important is the entrepreneurial mindset that I'm fostering here.  I've been reading books and blogs and listening to podcasts and watching videos all about stuff pertaining to the goal of success and being your own boss.

When I go off to my job, I think of it as going on business.  It's all about how you frame your day.  I frame my day to day with my goals in mind.  Everything you do should focus you on your goal.  Even the most mundane things can be framed.

Almost everything I've learned about mindset lately I can attribute to Mike Cernovich.

Going to work= Going away on business
Going to the bank= Reviewing your portfolio
Going to college= Investing in your future

If kids these days were taught about investing in high school, and were taught to look at college as an investment in their future, perhaps they wouldn't be indebting themselves for gender studies and art history.  I know, I majored in history, I'm not exempt from this.  But at least I'm turning the ship around.  And I don't mean the flea market, I'm talking about MINDSET.

While running the BithMart, the quote of the day was "I'm about to go get high, f*ck this." Presumably, the flea market wasn't any fun.  This quote and the hoody-ed gent who spoke it reaffirmed to me that I was on the right path.

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