Wednesday, January 18, 2017

5 Rules for Romance in the Modern Age

1.  Keep text messaging to a bare minimum.  Texting causes confusion and misunderstandings.  Your life will be far less stressful this way.  A side effect of this rule is you can be more productive when you aren't caught up and distracted by your phone.  Being more productive is good for you and it's good for the relationship.  It gives you motivation to be a better boy/girlfriend.  Doing productive things gives you more pride in yourself.  Instead of constant texting, a meaningful phone call is a great replacement.

2.  If you're a guy, don't date girls from a gender studies/feminist background.  I'm not saying all these girls are dangerous, but the universities are feeding this toxicity of false rape culture into their brains. Your life could be ruined by simple sex regret turning into a false rape accusation.  Also, if you want more than replacement number of children (3+) or children in general, feminists aren't usually the women most eager to be mothers.  These ideas may not be pleasant but it's reality.

3.  Go out on dates.  Especially early on.  There's a reason the greatest generation had better marriages.  They got to know each other first.  They explored compatibility on the first few dates, rather than salvaging compatibility after a child comes along.  Dates are fun and wonderful and a great opportunity to demonstrate how romantic you are.  There are endless ways to converse and get to know each other, whether over coffee, pasta, pho, maybe a walk in the park or a hike along the nature trail.  It's up to your own individual romantic sensibilities.  Also, romantic dates makes more intimate romance more meaningful.  And no one said you can't go on a fancy date followed up by some Netflix and chill.  What matters is finding those connections.  Remember the Love Trefoil!

4.  If you will be spending an extended amount of time at a distance, write letters!  Long distance in a relationship can be hell, and will likely spell the end of your relationship if the time away is indefinite.  Rule #1 is an important part of success and failure in a long distance situation.  Letters are a wonderful and romantic supplement to those meaningful phone calls.  Letters tend to be good sources of reassurance, since phone calls cover much of the day to day "what's new."  Let your letters be love letters pouring out the gushy and/or more poetic nature your romantic feelings.  These serve an important role in keeping the fire burning.

5.  Sing the oldies to you darling.  This last one is just a personal preference, not a steadfast rule.  As I mentioned in the Lyre le Temps review post, I come from the classics and one of my favorite eras of music is the Swing Era.  Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, Louis Armstrong, Bobby Darin, Dean Martin and other greats all sing tunes from the Great American Songbook.  Many of these songs are the most romantic songs to me.  They are rather simple but eloquent, and they perfectly convey many common feelings that sometimes people have trouble expressing.  I will sing these from time to time to my girl and due to my beautiful voice*, it works like a charm.  I do this for above mentioned reasons but essentially I truly love singing them.  Also, sometime I have trouble expressing those feelings and so its a win-win situation.  And music leads the way to romance.

*No really, it doesn't matter if your voice is shit, mine is...not bad

There we have 'em.  Let me give give you the brief list recap.
1. Minimal texting
2. Avoid dating feminists
3. Go on dates
4. Write Letters
5. Sing to your love

Dating and romance is a complex undertaking, with many different aspects and approaches.  It's also quite simple and easy.  Romance comes naturally if you let it.  So let it.

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