Tuesday, December 13, 2016

How to Write Correspondence

The Christmas season is a wonderful time of year to take up writing letters.  Once the gold standard of personal communication, keeping correspondence with friends and family is now a lost art.  In the world of the internet, we still send messages to people but it has become informal.  The instantaneous delivery and reception of email, text, and messaging has taken away the necessity to really think out and compose well what you want to communicate.  Hand writing a letter makes you think harder about what you really want to say.  It also makes what you say more meaningful.

Text messaging is the worst thing ever to happen to dating.  It has caused many many many communication misunderstandings and miscommunications.  It can kill relationships.  But, from personal experience I have found that introducing correspondence by mail can make being long distance so much more...survivable.  A well written love letter is far more romantic than a text message could ever be.  Letters build anticipation.  Albeit texts can still be romantic, much like an O'douls still technically has alcohol in it.

Writing letters can be fun for your inner artist.  There are endless designs and types of personal stationery you can use.  You can write in cursive, another lost art.  You can draw pictures, spray the letter with cologne or perfume, kiss it with lipstick, and send small gifts and photos.  An email can be saved in your computer or phones memory but a letter is a tangible keepsake for life.

Around Christmas time and other holidays throughout the year, it is still very common for folks to send cards, but let us not forget their origins.  The holiday greeting card is a devolution of written letters.  So yes, you can absolutely still send out your seasons greeting cards and I encourage it, but why not take the next step, rise to the next level, and write your own card.  Make it mean something to the person your writing.  Instead of letting Hallmark write a message for you, actually write it and then you'll never have the problem of not finding the right card at the store.  Also, it's okay be a procrastinator and wait until the day before Christmas, since you have the entire store at your pen tip.  Just don't forget that mailing a letter takes a couple days, so don't wait until the last minute.

Anyway, make this Yuletide more memorable for all go buy some personal stationery!

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