Sunday, December 18, 2016

Do You Know Lindybeige?

I discovered this wonderful youtube channel a little over a year ago.  This is one of my favorite channels and have seen about every video on it.  Lindybeige has got around 350,000 subscribers (relatively small) and hundreds of videos.

Nikolas Lloyd presents his unique and quirky expertise on all things warfare, history, weapons, swing dancing, poetry, tabletop gaming, and much more.  He has a degree in archaeology and has taught swing dancing for years.  He's well read in history and gaming manuals, and has a graphic novel releasing next year.

Lloyd's youtube name reflects his fondness of the color beige and the Lindy Hop dance.  I could talk for a while about what makes this channel special, but I think it'd be better to let you explore that yourself.  Lloyd does that job the best.

Here we have 1) the video that got me started watching Lindybeige and also 2) his most popular video.


Also!  Very important!
If you like his work, you can support Lindybeige on his Patreon.
He has a website, too.

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