Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Today's the Day!

Today's the day.  It doesn't seem real that today all this ends.  It's been such a show, and we've all been caught up in it.  It's surreal imagining that all this ridiculousness ends tomorrow with a real decision and outcome.  The immensity of the situation is hitting hard.  And the fate of the world depends on this election.

What a wild and historical ride this has been.  No matter the outcome, there will be countless amounts of political and historical books written on this election cycle.  Whatever the American people decide, the political system, parties, media, etc. has been irrevocably changed, for the better I feel.  Trump's campaign has changed the rules of the game for the conservative side.  He's put the rules in line with the stakes.  Clinton's campaign has shown just how desperate the establishment elite are desperate to hold on to power.

However this turns out, the American people have been awakened, not woke, and will not cede anymore freedoms to those wishing to take them.  This is the latest great shift in American political history; the succeeding events of the 21st century will likely be traced back to today.

Get out there and vote! Let's...
*Make America Great Again!*

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