Sunday, November 20, 2016

Simon and Sushi

Last night I had a dream that I went to a convention down somewhere by the sea.  The only part I remember of the convention centre was the cafeteria.  Any food you'd want to eat, they had it!  But I ended up purchasing $26 sushi some how.  It still tasted quite good for dream sushi.  

The secret is, is that waking Zytroft has never had sushi.

Also, the price is dream exaggerated but convention food prices are jacked up in real life.

Back in the dream.  Acquiring chopsticks was hard.  I had to climb three ladders to three different platforms to find chopsticks that weren't shaped like long screws.

After my lunch, I ran into Paul Simon and we sang a duet of Kodachrome.  He was impressed by my pipes and asked me to join a duo with him and tour around.  I accepted.

In the final chapter I found myself on a beach, having walked away from the convention.  I needed to swim to a sandbar to reach my lost shirt.

How'd I lose my shirt? I don't know.  

Did I lose it partying?  Perhaps that's why I don't remember any other parts of the convention.

Did Paul Simon steal it?  Maybe with help from Julio.

Was it the Japanese sushi chef?  Nah, he already got my $26.

Regardless, I got it back!  Celebrate by please sharing and commenting.

Keep dreaming Bithiyanites.

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