Saturday, November 5, 2016

Having Fun with Scheisse

I'm gonna take a line from Jay Wilde here and say, "No matter what, you always gotta have fun."  This is true no matter what you're doing or where you are in life.  When bad things happen, unless you die, it isn't the end of your life, and you gotta keep living.  And life is always better when having fun.  Whatever that means to you.  Fun is one of those things in life that creates happiness.  On a biological level, when you enjoy something, your brain releases endorphins making you feel happy.  

When scheisse hits the fan in your life, it's always good to have a few contingency plans in place.  Of course you never know when things may happen.  Life events are often unexpected.  Life likes to surprise us.  Throughout life, many things are likely possibilities, just as a result of living.  Deaths, illness, financial problems, job loss, break ups, divorce, etc.  These things often surprise us but they aren't things that you can't plan for.  For example, the election is in three days.  The result could go either way.  Depending on what the new administration will likely do, you can begin to plan your life according to likely effects of their government.  This is a crazy example.  Better yet, let's just talk about careers.

Many people have the main thing they are after.  I for example want to write and direct films.  This is Plan A.  But what if I change my mind or don't make it or realize I'm not as skilled as I think I am?  Well, my life isn't over.  I have contingency plans ready to be put into motion.  If I don't make it in film, I will still write.  My blogging isn't going away.  I still plan to self publish a novel(in progress) within the next year or two.  I'm not gonna stop after one.  Theres so many other possibilities, I can't even think of them all, let alone list them.

Career is only one half of life too.  The other is family.  While pursuing my career, I'm simultaneously pursuing some one to spend my life with.  If a relationship or current interest doesn't work out, you are not doomed to live life as a hermit.  The contingency plan for a break up is the simplest one their is.  If a relationship doesn't work out, there will be another one.  You'll find another person.  You got this one didn't you?  Plus every time you date someone, or marry them, you learn more and grow.  You further hone what will make you happy in a relationship and you get better at relationshipping.

Failure is a big part of life.  It's common and likely.  The thing is, it's what you do with it.  Failure is a learning experience for next time.  What can you take out of this shitty event?  Look at a failure as an attempt at X.  In a video game, if you quit after you died the first or second time, you may never beat the first level.  Perfectionism is a trap.  Failure is practice for your eventually success.

To take this back to Jay's quote, you just gotta have fun with it.  Pursuing the goal is fun, the failure is shitty fun, the contingency plan is fun, a couple cycles of this is fun, and then success is even more fun.

Please comment, share, verbally recommend!  And have fun with it!

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