Monday, November 21, 2016

Crossing Reality Plains

Video games have been a staple escapist activity for 30+ years.  In this day and age the number of people who have never played a video game is ever declining. Before long, virtual reality head sets will become part of the norm and revolutionize the art of escapism.

I'd like to argue briefly that video games, when immersive, become another plain of reality.  They're a reality you can turn on and off, even though what one does in that reality isn't real since you're still looking at a screen.  But while immersed in that world, video game reality is reality.  What you see in a video game is a real place that you're peering through a window into.  You exist as whatever avatar is in the game and you live according to the games physics, rules, and storylines.

In a way, real life is your own piloting of an avatar fully immersed in first person perspective.  You have full sense perception and mental faculties.  You live according to physics and the rules of society.  The only difference is you create your own storyline.  Although, many videos allow you to do that to.

Another plain of reality, which many people dismiss as unreal and give no more thought than they do to video games, is the dreamworld.  Despite being able to wake up and have the whole dreamworld vanish like a...a dream...I would say that this is a far more immersive and real reality.  You can have total freedom of physics, laws, rules, and bodily limitations, if you luck into lucidity or know how to do it.

Imagine crossing over these two plains of reality.  Twice this week I've had dreams that have Minecraft settings.  Not only that, I crossed between the regular world and Minecraft world within the dream.

So in the first dream a few days ago, I was exploring a Minecraft (MC) style cave when I came across a MC house.  Upon entering, I found two twin women who were champion tennis players.  Like me, they were not made of blocks.  The told me if I went out the back door I could enter the real world (RW) hills of Pennsylvania.  I followed their advice and voila!  I was back to RW and stood amongst the brown leaved trees on the side of Mt. Penn.  It was a glorious transition from video game to RW while staying within the dream.

Then last night, this one was even more surreal and fun.  I was walking down a RW valley on a bit of an escape.  The back story of this one is, in waking life I play Minecraft as a thing to do while I catch up on my podcasts.  And so over the weeks I built a pretty impressive city and then I built another city later.  The second one was under-developed and needed quick resources.  So, I implemented my own story line, thus sacking and razing the first city as a member of city two.

Back to the dream, I was presumably a person fleeing from the destroyed city number one.  My waking story influenced this dream.  As I mentioned before I was fleeing within a RW mountain valley.  Somewhere upon my journey, a horse I think, told me if I went through a certain forrest, I could find a new sanctuary.

I got on and the horse took me to the tree line of the wood.  He urged me to hurry up and run through as quickly as I could or I may not find it.  He must have been a very convincing horse because I trusted him and did what he said.

It was midnight and I ran straight in among the trees.  It was very hard to see where I was going, I got hit by a lot by tree limbs and pine needles.  Eventually I came to a wall.  But since I had picked up so much speed as I ran, I was able to clear this seven foot wall by jumping.

From here forward I'm going to start a dream log short hand notation to make these things easier in future posts.
dreamrun- when you run in a dream and get progressively faster to superhuman speeds
dreamjump- superhuman type jumps

Anyway, after a bit further I had to jump a second wall.  Once beyond it, I began to see the glow of light through the trees.  I was getting close.  As I exited the forest, I emerged on the outskirts of the destroyed MC city I had fled.  Except, the new city was fully intact and had an air of peace.  The replica was brightly lit in the night.  The only difference was that it was empty.  The city was a melencholic skeleton that was perfect for display, but was not alive.  A city's people is what makes it alive.

I walked the streets a bit and climbed the city tower.  After a little while I decided to leave the city for a better place.  One not frozen in time.  

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