Tuesday, October 4, 2016

What is 1017 Films?

Josh and I started 1017 Films in 2014.  We were having a late night delusional conversation at the campus commons and came up with the idea for a short film.  It was never made, but it would have been a simple black and white movie of a doctor who had just finished his shift at the hospital.  Exhausted, the doctor orders coffee at a cafe and sits at a table talking about life in the manner one does late at night.  Now, I know 10:17 pm is not late by any university/working person's standards, but it had been a long day and it felt like 2am for both of us.

The film wasn't made, but the name stuck and 1017 Films was born.

The first first video we made is not uploaded to my main channel.  It's my other one I don't use.  What's the first movie two friends in college make?  Naturally, a music video! 

Next came Baby Back Bullsh*t.  You can see that on my channel or read the story to that one here.

The last movie we made while at university was an un-released short film called "Sneaky Snitch."  It's a black and white silent film starring Josh and myself.  I was a mischievous miscreant who snuck around causing Josh's character trouble by pulling little pranks on him.

Since then, 1017 Films has grown into a company producing a budding Youtube series, "Zytroft", and has many bigger projects in the works.  The Bithiyan is proud to be the home of 1017 films.  You can support us, The Bithiyan and 1017 Films at my Patreon.  Any and all support is very 
much appreciated.  I plan to eventually send patron goodies.  

As always, my Bithiyanites, share, comment, like, and subscribe! 

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