Thursday, October 27, 2016

The Pizza Amendment

Last night before bed, I committed the cardinal sin of nightmare prevention: Eating pizza.  And as I predicted, I payed the price.  I said that I'd describe it if it wasn't too horrific.  And it wasn't.  My dream was more of an action thriller than a nightmare.  When I say action thriller, I'm not suggesting the situation was fun or entertaining for that matter because these situations do occur in real life and are very serious matters.  But my dream happened to take place during an active shooter situation.  At the commencement of the event, I ran to a location where I knew there was a gun ready for these types of situations.  I retrieved it, checked the mag, and cocked it.  Then I positioned myself around the corner of the direction the shooter was coming.  As she, the shooter was a blond woman go figure, came around the corner, I opened fire aiming directly at her torso, but as dreams happen to go, nothing happened.  My magazine was empty.  What then ensued was a chase around the store I was in.  I dodged gunfire behind shelves and walls.  Eventually, the assailant ran out of ammunition and I was able to subdue her.  Had the gun's ammunition not magically vanished out of the magazine, I would have been able to stop the assailant right dead in her tracks.

I awoke from this dream reaffirmed in my belief in the second amendment and the right of a free people to be armed is an indispensable part of self defense and of defense of others.  In that situation it takes minutes for the police to arrive and by then maximum damage can already be done.  When private citizens are armed, these kinds of situations can be stopped almost immediately.  

The solution is more good guys with guns.  Those willing to do harm, thus breaking the law, will always find ways to get guns, legally or illegally.

Pizza endorses the Second Amendment.

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