Saturday, October 22, 2016

Fox's Fender Bender

Zytroft: Season 1, Episode 15
Fox's Fender Bender

Certainly, no plot analysis is necessary, or even possible for that matter, in the latest episode.  

I went away last weekend to my university to visit and have some fun.  I got lots of good stuff but putting it together proved difficult.  I am beginning to find that for each minute a video has in length, it requires a session of editing.  It took me three editing sessions over three days to put this together and is roughly three minutes long.  Most of the other videos from Season 1 are in the one minute range and I edited those in one day.  Just a ratio I noticed.  This is by no means a definite rule but still I can't imagine how long it would take to edit a feature length film.  That being said, it doesn't turn me off.  There's a reason they call it movie magic.  There's how films on screen makes you feel, but then there's the thrill of making them, which may be better than the finished product.  I don't really know yet, I'm still getting started in life.  I'll leave it at: it's all about the journey and the finished product is what makes it worth it.  

Anyway, enjoy episode 15 and like, subscribe, share, comment, spread verbally, all the above and anything I missed!  huzzah

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