Wednesday, October 19, 2016

A Brief Analysis of the 2016 Presidential Debates

And so we have completed the debate cycle of this election 2016 cycle.  Here's how I tally the wins:
Trump: 1
Clinton: 1
Mutual Implosion: 1

Debate #1: Donald Trump held his own and came off as non-scary.  Clinton presented her ability to not collapse over a ninety minute period and held the rhetorical high ground.  I gave the pyrrhic victory to Clinton.

Debate #2: After a first half hour of squabbles over Trump's ten year old leaked audio (which doesn't affect his policy) and Hillary's attacking of Bill's sexual assault victims (which still doesn't really affect her policy), I gave Trump the victory.  He asserted his positions while deflecting and returning Clinton's personal attacks.

Debate #3:  Both candidates defended their points of view on the topics presented by Christopher Wallace but did it in both their most unflattering and at times humorous/cringe-ful ways.  It left many rubbing their foreheads and leaning over in their seats.  Donald Trump missed some great opportunities to set his vision for making America great again due to his inability to articulate conservative positions.  Hillary Clinton made the democrat cliche appeals to emotion by invoking THE CHILDREN on issues of foreign policy and guns, meanwhile contradicting herself by defending Roe v. Wade and statements about supporting late term abortions.

Anyway, the show must go on, and it shall.  And it shall be continuously entertaining up until the election.  At that point humor will only be means of relieving the uber-tense anticipation of impending doom.

On election day we do have a choice, are we going to stand With Her or Make America Great Again?  Perhaps the latter?

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