Monday, September 5, 2016

What is the The Bithiyan?

The name "Bithiyan" is derived from the Laminish word bitheyan, meaning festival.  Lamina was a moon of the planet Equa.  The native inhabitants would hold a festival every year when their world passed into the shadow of the planet.  Each revolution around Equa took about three earth years.  In the meantime, resources were gathered for the bithiyan.  It was a time of celebration, when work ceased and merriment prevailed.  In each village green a great structure was built that would be slowly burnt throughout the entire season.  Music, dancing, and feasting were paramount.  People also would discuss ideas, philosophy and history.  Many Laminans fell in love during the bithiyan.

I originally started the Bithiyan back around 2013 as place to post stories from this universe, but that never happened.  As time went on, postings were rare, I think I averaged one a year until 2016.  When I decided to start blogging, I decided I'd stick with the Bithiyan because I knew I wanted to write about a broad spectrum of topics, and the etymology of the name was perfect for that.  Thus, Festival of Ideas was born!

So what is the Bithiyan?  Yes, it is an eclectic blog with ranging topics from philosophy to history to politics to literature to dreams to poetry, love, and the macabre.  But it is also a central gathering for everything creative I do, on the internet and off.  Here I post my Youtube videos, paintings, drawings, and photography.

I also have bigger plans for this blog and the Bithiyan brand.  These plans include possible additional writers and contributors, to film, to endless possibilities!  Only time will tell, and the greatest asset of the Bithiyan is its readers.  You!  So please please, share, comment, promote, like, follow, subscribe and contribute!  Do some of the things or all the things!  The Festival of Ideas is counting on you!

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And always remember that I met the Dark Lord, we tight.

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