Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Ode to Batoidea

This is an ode to thee, oh aquatic pancake
From the sting ray below, to the noble skate 
You sit low with a dark, mysterious eye,
watching the fish sway with the tide
You fly through the sea like a headless avian,
Casting a shadow, negating your alien
 You are a right friendly lad
in a sandy floored bachelor pad
 I admire your groovy polka dots, but
in this environment your camo kinda rots
 Your sacrifices gave the samurai a grip
on their swords, fighting the mongols off their ships 
"Good Morning!" you say
In a most antisocial way
You finally bid the day adieu
and you sleep in the sand on a night anew. 

There you have it!  I was determined to make this post a little more entertaining than just pictures of batoids.  Even if it means laughing at bad poetry!  So be it!  Now if you do have a love for aquatic tailed pancakes, then you shall have enjoyed my photos from the National Aquarium in Baltimore.  They're just delightful aren't they?

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