Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Don't quit caffeine

Hello Bithiyan!  What is new you ask?  This question has a couple answers to it.  Let me enlighten you.

1. So yes I'm back from an short hiatus.  Let's call it a sabbatical.  Over the last week, I embarked on a great experiment.  I took a week off from all caffeine.  Why? Why would I do this?  Well, this week  served multiple purposes.  a. From time to time I do a week long detox, either because I've been drinking too much coffee or have been over stressed and don't need any extra jitters.  b. It was an experiment in alternate states of being, or in this case my "natural" state.  The question, "could a caffeine free life be a better more productive life?", sparked my interest.  c.  Depriving oneself of a pleasurable, well ingrained, daily habit that borders on addiction serves as a great test of character and willpower.  One will feel proud and empowered after successfully completing a week without it.

Embarking on this experiment set the stage for the week.  Last Sunday I had my last sip of coffee for the duration.  For the first half of the week I was off of work and could have been productive, but nay, the lethargy and headaches had incapacitated my up'n'at'em, relegating my week to netflix.  Perhaps my best achievement from this period of time was catching up on shows.  Monday was at the migraine level, Tuesday eye strain level, Wednesday minor bump on the head level, and Thursday relative lack of pain.  Still I had no resurgence of energy.  Friday was back to work for the weekend.  I soon found myself in a trough because the headaches returned and, yes, I was hydrated enough.  Three days of barista-ing on the busy weekend usually flies by but this time it was driving behind a short grandma, in a snowstorm, in slow motion.  Being surrounded by coffee at work, I was not tempted too terribly by the brewed beelzebub.  Monday was the day I was allowed to re-endulge, but I had already completed acclimation to a caffeine free life, so i waited until Tuesday.  Tuesday was gooooood.

A successful detox deserves coffee.

So during the duration, my ability to do this was rather nil.  And nil is what I did, mostly.  I read online the symptoms of caffeine withdrawal about five days in, then had a good laugh at how accurate it all was.  Most of these were me, such as: headache, sleepiness, irritability, lethargy, depression, lack of concentration, brain fog and dizziness.  The funniest one that was inaccurate for me was insomnia. HA if I wasn't working, eating, or trying to watch netflix, I was sleeping.  Despite all these symptoms, I was able to work on some things, which leads me to...

2.  Fanfictions! No, I haven't be writing fanfictions, but I did do some proofreading and editing for my before mentioned friend Josh who is serially posting chapters of a crossover fanfiction.  If you liked the recent animated film, Zootopia, and also enjoyed the hit dysfunctional family sitcom about Long Island Italian-Americans, Everybody Loves Raymond, the this story's for you.  Check it out here.

3.  I wrote a short philosophical analogy.  It's still being tweaked.  It should be up this week.

4.  Working, obviously.  $$

5.  Finally, some new and important scenes are in development for my screenplay.  

So, that has been the recent days.  Look out for daily articles once again!  Huzzah!

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