Saturday, August 20, 2016

The Pittsburgh Pop Pool- Dream Log 8/20/16

Let me tell you all about the dream I had last night.  This one will keep with the recent theme of famous musicians.  Although I did not meet David Bowie in the last dream, I was luckier in this one.  Here it is:

The dark clouds rolled in across the sky.  They were threatening to loose thunder and lightning over the city.  Pittsburgh was hosting a popular marathon and I, uncharacteristically, was attending the running event.  Not running of course. 
From a vantage point I saw a bolt strike the ground a few miles downhill in the city.  Seeing it strike I was overcome with a feeling of destiny.  I dove into the stream of runners and ran at ten times their speed.  I sped along weaving through runners and traffic like the night bus.  When I arrived there was scorch mark upon the ground and an envelope sitting on its centre.  It read:

“Darling I missed you today at the marathon today but I will see you in our future. 
Until then, live with love,

            I read it and felt need of refreshment.  Across the street I saw a public swimming pool.  “Time for a swim!” I exclaimed.  Through the gate and men’s locker room I emerged into an Olympic sized indoor swimming pool.  The air was warm and humid. 
            Splash. I began doing laps at nearly the same speed as I ran.  I could swim laps around Phelps.  After about three there-and-backs, the life guard stood in my way, halting me.  The I stood up and saw the lifeguard.  He was tan, wrinkly, and had long and straight brown hair. 
            “You gotta swim slower, man.”  The lifeguard was Iggy Pop.  He blew his whistle to signify it was safe for other swimmers to return to the pool waters.  I was amazed that Iggy Pop would be lifeguarding at a public pool in Pittsburgh.  I followed him over to his stand and engaged himself in conversation about music.  The conversation swung into topics of film.  I told him about my screen play and he offered me his email, noting his acting experience in The Adventures of Pete and Pete. 
            “It’s been nice talkin to ya man, but I’ve gotta go check the chlorine levels,” he said.  I dove back in and swam away.

I took a lot of creative license with this one.  This dream was pretty ambiguous.  I only remember Iggy, the city, the pool, running and swimming fast, and our conversation.  Still pretty cool though.

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