Monday, August 29, 2016

Batoidean Water Colors

Here we have Bagel, the neighbor's cat.  He likes to lounge in my drive way and is friendlier than the neighbor's other cat, Everything Bagel.

So recently I decided I wanted to do some water colors and this is my first one.  I did some as a kid but they were terrible, of course.  Back in those days I would paint on printer paper and I also liked to use too much water.  Thus, even if the paintings weren't bad, they became bad by the water spreading out and the paper crinkling as it dried.  

I'm still trying teach myself water color technique which I was never taught, obviously.  The thing I like about it is the variation of shades in a color that naturally happen.  It gives a tie-die, abstract-y look.  I also like abstract paintings so it helps that I'm not trying to avoid being abstract.

I was very pleased with the way the manta ray turned out.  And if you hadn't noticed, it isn't in the photo.  I started drawing a leaf and it reminded me of a ray, and so I kicked in my creative license and the law of inspirations to put a marine animal in the grass and a cat into the watery driveway.

I'm going to keep practicing water colors in the near future and I'll post them here to see! 

Keep sharing and spreading the Festival of Ideas! 

Shema Humata: Tass Sheshco

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